Really Good Reasons to Travel to Tasmania


People in the know have observed Tasmania‘s increase in the past few decades, luring young and older travellers across the Bass Strait using its ever-impressive mixture of cutting-edge culture, breath-taking food and beverage, and postcard-perfect all-natural splendour. Here are some convincing reasons and attractions that will hopefully persuade you to visit the wonder that is Tasmania.

MONA: The most obvious one, let us get it out of the way first. There is no getting beyond MONA among the significant drawcards into the Great Southern Land’s small southern territory. In case you haven’t yet heard the cries of glory about this museum by mastermind David Walsh, then you haven’t lived. This is a museum like no other; you will see a variety of exciting and disturbing artefacts after the ferry ride from Salamanca. A cultural experience, MONA will leave you wondering about the many facets of life.

The Pace: Let’s face it rapid city life is seldom a recipe for long-term holistic wellbeing. If you are looking for an escape from the daily hustle, then Tasmania is your destination. Among the greatest things about Tasmania is that the laid-back speed of life. You get high-class hospitality and a genuine Australian experience without the traffic jams and constant city distractions. With the mountains in view instead of skyscrapers, you will feel worlds away from your day job. You will feel secluded in one of the many boutique hotels in the region ready to provide you with the escape you have been craving.

The Hospitality: Tasmania may be small, but it does not lack in catering for tourists and visitors. The sophisticated economy means that you will never be bored. As you keep reading, you will discover the fantastic food, festivals and natural attractions for you. The people are welcoming and polite you can relax and get facials with your girlfriends or go for muscle relaxants to rejuvenate. The kids will never be bored or hungry with the variety of activities and family-friendly restaurants and hotels. The point is that Tasmania is up to date with the latest experiences and services.

The Food: Among Australia’s most significant tourism draws is its delicious fresh produce and culinary creations, as well as anyplace in the country Tasmania heads the listing when it concerns the freshest, tastiest and most advanced foods. The rich soil, pure water, and fresh atmosphere may have something to do with this so also, access to an unbelievable selection of fresh-caught fish, a relaxed setting in which to dine, along with a burgeoning restaurant business buzz that has acquired its eyes increasingly fixated down south. You can enjoy local feeds from food trucks during the day and then indulge in fine dining at Hobart’s luxurious restaurants by night.

The Festivals: Hobart used to be a simple, quiet place even called ‘Slowbart’ by the rest of Australia, however that has changed in recent years as major music, and cultural festivals such as Dark MOFO and The Falls Music and Arts Festival have made their way down, bringing along with them music enthusiasts from around the country. Thrill seekers will not be bored in festival season, which usually runs towards the end of the year and after the new year begins.

The Devils: Tasmanian ones, those cute looking bears. Tassie devils in the wild are on the decline, but that doesn’t mean you can’t say hi at a local sanctuary. A word of warning, they are carnivorous and have sharp teeth so don’t get too close. These critters only exist on the small continent and cannot be found on mainland Australia. Forget koalas; these creatures are way more interesting (but less cuddly…).

The Outdoors: Along with being rife with some of the most jaw-dropping natural landscapes in the world, a whole group of Tasmania’s outdoor icons also have fairly sweet names. Take Wineglass Bay, with its gorgeous curl of blue and sand water The Bay of Fires, using its striking orange lichen-covered granite boulders. Freycinet National Park’s surreal pink-tinted mountains are a must see; the pristine, untouched views are worth the trip itself. Cradle Mountain is a popular destination to see the views as well as Cataract Gorge where the family can enjoy a chairlift ride and family-friendly walking paths.

The Whisky: Whisky fans unite! You don’t need to travel all the way to Scotland to experience world-class whiskey, Tasmania is a much closer and friendlier alternative. There are several famous distilleries that you can tour including Hellyers Road and Lark Distillery, one of the originals in the region. The whiskey found down there has a distinct taste and feel, worth a try for those who are enthusiasts and want to flavour some local specialties.