Upcoming Food Trends for 2017

Recently, International food, restaurant and hotel consultancy Baum + Whiteman launched the 13 most popular Food & Drink Trends in Restaurant & Hotel Dining for 2017. It takes a thorough look into the dining industry: From the concern of falling food rates hurting restaurants to the rise of delivery-only food launch.


Vegetables will continue its increase on the supper plate, as animal proteins and heavy side dishes give way for more vegetarian alternatives. According to Pinterest, there’s an increase in the word “veggies” in its comfort food searches by 336% last year, while words such as “lasagna,” “macaroni” and “Stroganoff” were off by 69%, 55% and 50%, respectively. Exactly what this indicates is that much more individuals are most likely to buy real food like mashed cauliflower instead of rice and pasta, and (if possible) request for veggie crust for much healthier pizza.


With the increase of vegetarian alternatives out there, anticipate push back from the other end. This is available in the type of artisanal butcher shops-cum-restaurants, which fortify individuals’ love for meat. Providing a high end flair to the craft of butchery, this “butcher-to-table” trend lets consumers strap on their womens shoes and be in awe with the preparation of whatever from grilled steak to charcuterie. Plus, you’ll get to eat them right now.


For much of us, all day breakfast is hardly a brand-new principle However with numerous junk food chain offerings such as the “Brunchfast” at Jack-in-the-box and enlivened breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks, exactly what’s particularly special about this pattern in 2017 is how the texture of breakfast will change. Forget smoother breakfast offerings such as soft scrambled eggs, buttered grits, or oatmeal. What you’ll discover are the so-called, more “aggressive” crunchier items like fried chicken, crispy chorizo and chimichurri. As a bonus, smaller chains and independent restaurants will justify these around-the-clock breakfast products as perfect hangover treatments!


Keep in mind the days when kale represented all that is healthy? Well, inning accordance with Whole Foods’ previous worldwide grocery coordinator, it’s time to say goodbye (at least when it concerns the consumer packaged variation). Nowadays, there are a lot more alternatives if you’re searching for healthy vegetables that are likewise good for minimizing food waste. For instance, there’s a large series of seaweeds, which pack in more umami flavours for different broths. And as for the waste-not economy, lots of chefs are keeping an eye out for more recent, more intriguing alternatives such as beet greens, chard, turnip greens, mustard greens, and carrot tops. Given that kale appears to have passed by its peak, prepare to discover other yet-to-be-discovered vegetable for imaginative, brand-new meals.


Initially, there were acai bowls. Then, there was poké In 2017, consuming from bowls will be taking control of even more as restaurants are moving from serving handheld products to putting in bowls like Korean. There are numerous advantages to this pattern. Not just is it less likely for what remains in the takeaway bowls to get splattered on the office desktop with your colleagues womens boots, it’s also much easier and faster to put together a bowl than plated high end meals. Furthermore, holding a bowl would likely make you mentally more vulnerable to mindfulness. You’ll feel a full a lot much faster, and have the ability to savour all the flavours and textures with every bite. Exactly what’s not to like?

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